José Álvarez de Toledo, XV Duque de Medina Sidonia y XI Marqués de los Vélez.
Francisco Goya

José Álvarez de Toledo, XV Duke of Medina Sidonia and XI Marquis of Los Vélez.
Francisco Goya

José Álvarez de Toledo, XVème Duc de Medina Sidonia et XIème Marquis de los Vélez
Francisco Goya

Seven centuries


Today we wish to renew this modern commercial tradition through our premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Their exquisite taste offers a gustatory experience reminiscent of the aesthetic quality of an artistic legacy, which the fate of history has scattered across some of the most important cities in the world. As in the past these cities stand as our markets of reference. The patio of the Castle of Vélez Blanco (MET,New York) and the reliefs of the Works of Hercules(Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris), both commissioned by the 1st marquis of Los Véléz, satisfy through the quality of their classicism the most demanding artistic sensitivity, which is further fulfilled by the palatal experience that we propose.

Leoncio Alonso Gonzálezmarques_4 de Gregorio Álvarez de Toledo, XXII Duke of Medina Sidonia and XIX Marquis of Los Vélez


Seven centuries ago Guzmán el Bueno, founder of the house of Medina Sidonia, which later united withthe house of Los Vélez, received in payment of his services from the king Alfonso X and his successorsolive groves in Jerez and Seville along with other lands and sites. Amongst these was the harbour of Sanlucar de Barrameda, the capital of his possessions and an important centre for trade between the European and transatlantic ports since the dicovery of America.One of the most traded products was olive oil, whose demand intensified from the XVI century onwards.

marques_2The I marquis of Los Vélez as Hercules. Friezes from the Castle of Vélez Blanco, (1507). Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris.

In the Eastern Mediterranean the marquisate of Vélez, situated between Almería and Murcia, was another major centre for the exportationof olive oil. The marquis had olive oil mills in every village and gathered inlarge quantities of oil,which accumulated at the big oil milland in the reserves of Cuevas de Amanzora.From therethe oil was broughtto the ports of Mazarrón and Garrucha where it was exported.Bothof the aforementioned ports have been active for over 7000 years.

marques_3The V marquis of Los Vélez. Viceroy of Naples (1668)


The marquises of Los Vélez, also dukes of Medina Sidonia, begun to specialisein the production of olive oilin the XVI century. From their century-old coastal states situatedacross Andalusia, they largely contributed to the diffusion of this precious product not only throughout Europe but alsoin the American continent, which soon after its discovery incorporated olive oil as an essential element of its diet.

To perceive the aroma of our premium extra virgin olive oils, to savour them discovering their multiple and syncopated flavours, is to experiment the arcane processes of nature in Classical Hispania-the traditional bridge between the ancient Mediterranean and the Atlantic world.

marques_1Guzmán el Bueno (1297), founder of the house of Medina Sidonia



Tasting Note

Coupage que busca la intensidad de sabor sin renunciar a la complejidad aromática. Combina, según las añadas, variedades de aceituna implantadas históricamente del antiguo marquesado, como son la alfafarenca, la blanqueta y la villalonga, sazonadas eventualmente con la tradicional picual.


Chromatically this extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) displays a greenish background colour with golden nuances of singular intensity. The visual texture of the oilis of medium density, vivid, bright and of great elegance.


The mouth-feel is dense, with body and very fleshy. The passagethrough the mouth is lengthy, complex,with a predominant personal touch of bitterness and pungency. This is combined withflavours slightly reminiscent ofbanana and tender dried fruits.

Tasting Advice

Excellent condiment for salmorejos and gazpachos, garlic mayonnaise (alioli) and humus. It combines wellwith cheese,nuancing its flavour. Its use is also recommendedin the preparation of stews, blue-fishes and red meats. It is particularly suitable for the recipe ofpa amb tomàquet (bread with tomato) as it complements and intensifies the flavours of the tomato and slightly toasted bread. Its use in salads isespeciallyadvised as it maximizes as well as binds together the flavours of its main ingredients.


The selection

The team

We are a group of experts in olive oil tasting headed by the current marquis of Los Vélez, who started with the concept of Extra Virgin Olive Oils at the beginning of the 80s and well before the term was coined.  In addition to being a certified EVOO taster, the marquis also holds the title of Mill Master and has extensive experience in the agricultural management of the olive grove.  Furthermore we count on the support of an excellent technical team led by Mar Luna, founder and director of the European School of Olive Oil Tasting and Olive Growing. She is one of the experts with the most prestige, knowledge and independence in the world of EVOO. We also count on the input of renowned gourmets who help us to build the singularity of our blended.


The plurality of the olive grove ecosystems -a specific advantage of our country (Spain) – ensures an extraordinary variety of Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOOs). Added to this are the strongannual variations, equally distinguishing features of our climate, which also have a significant incidence in the quality of the EVOO and on its temporalstability. This reality combined with our main objective to offer year after year the highest quality to our customerspushes us to seek the best EVOOsacross the Iberian Peninsula.

The emphasis is first placed on the olive itself, whose quality depends on good agricultural practices applied on olive groves that are “mature” in age and which have been established in an ecosystem that is adequate to their frame of plantation.

After that we focus in ensuring that the harvest is performed during the pre-véraison. We make sure that the olive has not been altered by plagues and that its manipulation until it reaches the mill is completed in a swift manner, avoiding pressures, knocks and overheating. These are vital conditions in order to get the most of the olive´s unique organoleptic components.

We thoroughly oversee the grinding process of the olive at the mill, which must be performed by mechanical means, following strict hygienic protocols and always at temperatures below 20°C. Our goal is to ensure that the resulting EVOO keeps the original flavours and aroma of the olive intact. We also aim at producing an EVOO whose qualities remain stable for over 18 months.


The changing climatic conditions, such as last year’s drought and this year´s plagues favoured by a warm and humid autumn, have turned our focus towards EVOOsderived from olive groves with little or no sensitivity to those adverse climate conditions. We have looked for olive groves who have received good agricultural practices and whose harvest was carried out before October, avoiding in turn the problems of the previous drought and those caused last fall.

We were able to find in the East of Spain (Levante)olive groves situated on well ventilated hillsides, immersed in ecologically diverse surroundings, with unusual varieties, which have offered the adequate raw materials in accordance to our requirements of singularity and excellence.


I am pleased to offer a public connoisseur a most careful and exquisite selection of varietal extra virgin olive oils in accordance to the peculiarities of each year. This selection is the base upon which we obtain our blended, which when adapted to two different levels of intensity, intense and soft, provide through multiple aromatic and gustatory nuances a singular gastronomic experience – as was publically acknowledged at an international competition held recently in the city of New York.

I am certain that your palates will capture the subtlety and syncopated tonesof these premium EVOOs, which we offer you today.

I hope you will enjoy them!

L. Alonso G. de G. Álvarez de Toledo
Duque de Medina Sidonia
Marqués de los Vélez




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